The Internet Directory of Camera Collectors (the "IDCC") was founded in 1995 by Dan Colucci and a select group of important photographica enthusiasts to bring together camera collectors from all around the world through the magic of the internet. By means of an automated e-mail "forum", the members of the group discuss the many aspects of collecting, preserving, and using antique and classic cameras, lenses, and other vintage photography gear. There are currently over 400 members, including some of the most famous and influential people in the field. However, the forum still provides a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere where the members can ask questions, share their extensive knowledge, meet new friends, and learn more about the history of the camera and photography in general.

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The Internet Directory of Camera Collectors is a casually moderated membership group with a singular broad area of interest: collecting, preserving, and using antique and classic cameras. Anybody can subscribe to the IDCC forum, where they will meet other "on-line" camera collectors, and participate in e-mail discussions pertaining to their shared interests. The forum's purpose and goals are to provide an honest and open environment for the shared dissemination of information on these older cameras and photographic technologies. There is no advertising within the IDCC. While the members do enjoy the limited weekly privilege of listing short ads offering to sell or buy items, this is otherwise not specifically a buy/sell/trade forum. No commercial dealing or business activity is allowed. Members who are camera dealers as well as collectors, whether "professional" or not, are asked to follow the IDCC's guidelines very closely in this regard.

Currently there are well over 400 active participants in the IDCC. This number represents a diverse membership, from raw beginners to established "old timers", and includes authors of important works on photographica, members of other major photographic historical societies, and a fair number of "famous" collectors. However, the forum provides a level playing field where everybody's questions and opinions are welcome and respected.

Every week members of the IDCC are allowed one opportunity to list items they wish to buy, sell, or trade. Again, members who are established camera dealers are strongly advised to follow the IDCC's simple guidelines. Listing an entire store's inventory is not allowed! These swap activities are intended to serve as an extension of the forum's relaxed social environment, not opportunities to promote business by inundating the forum with commercial advertising! While it is acceptable to call attention to camera related business, or even current eBay auctions, discretion must be exercised in the presentation of such information. The swap day guidelines are available here:

While the IDCC is not closed to new admissions, it is regularly moderated to insure that the group's general stated purpose and goals are respected. David Silver, one of the original founding members of the IDCC as well as the International Photographic Historical Organization, is the IDCC owner and moderator. Unlike in other conventional automated newsgroups, where unruly participants frequently create unnecessary disturbances through "flaming" or "trolling" or general disruptive behavior, members who violate the integrity of this group's purpose and goals will be reminded to follow the rules. If their behavior persists, they will be removed from the list and potentially barred from further participation. In this way the normally genial, professional, and intellectual atmosphere of the forum is preserved.

You can contact David Silver directly here for further questions or clarification of the IDCC guidelines.

So, now, would you like to become a member of the IDCC? It's easy! To subscribe to the IDCC e-mail forum you simply go to:

Follow the indicated steps, fill in the blanks, remember to provide your full name along with your e-mail address, and the KJSL automated server does the rest!

When the subscription process is completed, you will receive an automated e-mail message confirming your acceptance to the group. Soon after that, you will begin receiving messages from other members of the IDCC in open discussion on all sorts of topics (chains of messages on specific topics are called "threads") relating to cameras and photographic history. This is often a very active group, but even on the most busy days the total number of messages is manageable.

It is highly recommended that you spend your first couple of weeks getting to know the "personality" of the group and how it flows. Read the threads, learn how members interact, and understand the basic rules of e-mail etiquette before you actively participate. When you eventually send the group your first message, it should be in the form of an introduction so the group can properly welcome you. Don't be shy! Tell the group your name, your reasons for joining, and your camera collecting interests.

To send a new message to the group, simply address your e-mail to (KJSL is a "majordomo" internet server that provides free automated e-mail systems for many non-profit ventures) and it will be distributed to all the other members of the forum. Make sure you enter an appropriately descriptive title in the subject line of your message. To respond to a specific member's message or an ongoing thread, you can use your e-mail program's "reply" command, but remember to first delete any or all of the unnecessary text trailing from previous compiled messages. If you want to start a new thread, or your reply to a current thread changes the topic, please take the time to modify the subject line in your message.

The rest is up to you. Read, write, and enjoy!

Well, are you still not sure about joining? Then here's one final factor that may persuade you!

Another benefit of membership in the IDCC is the opportunity to have your name and collecting interests made available on a publicly accessible web page where thousands of internet "hits" are made each year by people seeking information on vintage cameras and the history of photography. While not a mandatory requirement of the IDCC, many of members gladly embrace this opportunity to promote their collecting pursuits and ask to be placed in the list. You can view the current public list of IDCC members with their various interests and expertise here:

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