The Internet Directory of Camera Collectors (the "IDCC") allows its members to list advertisements once a week in its open e-mail forum offering to buy, sell, or trade antique and classic cameras and vintage photographic equipment. The following guidelines were created to provide the necessary format and rules for participation. Members are obligated to abide by these rules. Members who are established camera dealers, whether "professional" or not, are especially advised to fully understand these guidelines before listing any advertisements on the forum. Listing an entire store's inventory is not permitted! Swap activities are intended to serve as an extension of the forum's relaxed social environment, not opportunities to promote business by inundating the forum with commercial advertising! While it is acceptable to call attention to camera related business, discretion must be exercised in the presentation of such information.

The IDCC Swap Guidelines

1. As of August 2012, there is no longer a single specifically designated swap day in the IDCC. All the IDCC members are now allowed to submit one "for sale" ad and one "wanted" ad once a week on any day of their choosing, in compliance with the rest of the IDCC Swap Day Guidelines.

2. Please, no rambling lists of "junk"...use good judgment! Do not "spam" your own forum!

3. Ads are permitted for items for "sale", for items "wanted", and also for "trade" in conjunction with the two primary categories.

4. If you have a large list of inexpensive items for sale, please ask the members to request your list privately rather than waste bandwidth for the entire group...once again, use good judgment.

5. Do not include images or attachments in your ads! If you have images of your sale items available, state so in your ads and send them privately to whoever requests them, or place them on web pages where members can review them at their leisure. Images and attachments are absolutely forbidden in the IDCC e-mail forum!

6. Members may address their ads to once a week. In the IDCC, a week is defined as the seven day period beginning at midnight on Sunday in the time zone where you live

7. All ads must have as a common part of the subject heading, as appropriate: "for sale" or "wanted".

8. All items for sale in the ads should include a fair assessment of condition, the price, and clearly defined shipping terms.

9. All ads must include a personal e-mail reply address to avoid potential buyers or sellers automatically replying to the entire group. If your e-mail system accepts highlighted addresses, please use them. The ads are "public", but the transactions should remain "private"!

10. All items for sale must be made available to all other members of the IDCC regardless of race, creed, gender, philosophy, or location. Sales may not be restricted to a limited segment of the IDCC membership! Specific exceptions to this rule may be acknowledged by the moderator in cases where two or more members volunteer to abide by a mutually agreed exclusion among themselves, but these exclusions must be brought to the moderator's attention in advance.

11. Inclusion of eBay URL's (or other internet auctions, web sites, etc.) in "for sale" ads is permissible, provided the seller notes the connection in the subject heading, provides the complete auction name of each item being offered along with its proper URL in the body text, and abides by all applicable IDCC guidelines if the winning bidder is an IDCC member and the auction was advertised in the IDCC forum. In situations where the seller has more than five (5) items available for auction, a single URL for their current seller's auction list may be substituted for individual auction titles and URL's, as long as the seller accepts the IDCC guidelines for all the items on that list on that specific day. The IDCC moderator is not responsible to mediate any transaction in regard to external auctions unless IDCC guidelines were breached when those specific auctions were presented by the seller to the IDCC membership, and then mediation is restricted within these IDCC guidelines. The IDCC moderator is otherwise not authorized or empowered to enforce or mediate such auction services.

12. All members placing ads must UNCONDITIONALLY agree to a ten (10) day money back policy. No questions asked! To maintain the honesty and integrity of the group, the ten (10) day money back policy is mandatory.

13. All transactions are to be conducted privately between participants. Do not post to the group any responses to any ads. Respond privately to the buyer or seller using the personal e-mail addresses they have provided.

14. The buyer is responsible for asking all pertinent questions regarding issues of condition, price, and shipping, and the seller is obligated to answer such questions with as accurate information as possible. Good communication prior to a transaction will greatly improve the chances of a successful transaction.

15. Sellers will not withdraw an offered item without acceptible cause or unduly delay communications with a buyer in an effort to cancel a transaction. An offer to sell in the IDCC swap day is a contract. Buyers will not withdraw an offer to buy an item without acceptible cause or unduly delay communications with a seller in an effort to cancel a transaction. An offer to buy in the IDCC swap day is a contract. For the best interests of the IDCC, and to maintain the good integrity of the IDCC swap day, sellers and buyers are encouraged to honor their transaction obligations and maintain open honest communication with each other at all times.

16. All swap day transactions should be completed in a reasonable amount of time as defined here. Communications between buyer and seller to verify the conditions of a transaction should be posted within the first two (2) days, the buyer's payment should arrive within five (5) more business days, and the seller should deliver the item into the buyer's possession within five (5) business days after payment has been received. Failure of one party to honor a reasonable transaction schedule is acceptible cause for the second party to void the transaction.

17. No person perceived or designated as being a group leader (ie. moderator) can be held responsible for sales and trades transacted through participation in swap day. Any dispute must be handled privately between buyer and seller. The IDCC moderator will only intervene, and only as impartial arbitrator, in situations where disputes interfere with the day to day process of the IDCC forum.

18. All members will be on their honor to abide by these guidelines. Repeated or malicious abuse of the swap day guidelines may result in punitive measures by the IDCC moderator against the appropriate parties. Such measures may range from warnings regarding the abusive behavior to retraction of swap day privileges to removal altogether from the IDCC.

19. These guidelines are subject to change as needs arise.

20. When in doubt, ask the IDCC moderator before you act! Members can contact the moderator directly here or feel free to voice questions about these guidelines in the IDCC forum.

The Internet Directory of Camera Collectors (the "IDCC") is a casually moderated membership group with a singular broad area of interest: collecting, preserving, and using antique and classic cameras. If you wish to learn more about the IDCC, please visit the group's information page at...


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